Book Signing a Success!


VERY successful book signing this weekend! Sold several copies of the Eisner Award-winning Complete Wimmen’s Comix, Eisner Award-nominee Pudge Girl Blimp, and Last Girl Standing.

Delicious reunion of ole farts…uh…still-producing artists: first row = Willy Mendes, Trina Robbins, Terre Richards second row = honorary muse Leslie Carbaga, Lee Marrs, Sharon Rudahl.

Special thx. to Bart’s Books and Terre, whose perseverance made it all possible.

Pudge was an Eisner Award Nominee.


B & W interiors • color cover • 7″X10″ • 140 pages•$20.00 US • MarrsBooks 
• For Mature Readers •

Available on AMAZON.COM

Teenage runaway plumpie Pudge hitchhikes to San Francisco in the early 1970s with a dread secret: she is still a virgin. Desperate to solve her dilemma, she launches into the vibrant circus of urban life – street protests, self-help clinics, burglary, job hunting and midnight pizzas. A feminist journey fraught with angst and anchovies

When I opened this collection I was prepared for a herstory lesson, or a trip down memory lane. But instead I encountered a radiant and utterly contemporary character—a disheveled yet sensual young woman, outwardly confused but inwardly poised, an instinctive feminist out hustling for a job, experimenting with drugs, but mainly just trying to get laid. Step aside, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, and Broad City. Pudge, Girl Blimp paved the way for all of you.

           – ALISON BECHDEL, author of Fun Home and Dykes To Watch Out For,     recipient of the Eisner Award and the 2014 MacArthur “Genius” Award.


From the Foreword:

At last, a funny, funky, durable complex heroine who is constantly taking a fresh and satirical look at an aspect of life that is sacred to someoneLee Marrs has given us something that usually comes only in the best novels: a funny, tragic, personal, universal, fantasized, minutely realistic view of life that sends us on our way with a much bigger and better understanding of our own lives and the possibilities around us.

 – GLORIA STEINEM, feminist icon, co-founder of Ms. Magazine,co-founder of the Women’s Media Center and former sticky sweet bun addict.